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Marta Torres is an award winning sugar artist from Portugal

Marta Torres is an award winning sugar artist from Portugal and is the creative force behind The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres and Marta Torres – Royal Icing Cookie Art. Marta expertise lies in creating amazing cookie decorations using her signature style on dimensional piping with royal icing.

Marta’s work has been featured in magazines, blogs, even on national and international television.  A Portuguese Cake Decorating Magazine  “Bolos Decorados “ created a Special Edition on just her work, and other magazines in England, USA, Spain, France and even Serbia, routinely publish her work.

  • “From cute characters to elegant motifs, Marta brings a unique talent to her creations. The attention to detail is impeccable, showcasing her passion and dedication to her pieces. Every cookie tells a story, inviting you to savour the creativity infused into each stroke.”
    Madeleine M
  • “Admiring the creations of Marta, I found myself immersed in a delightful symphony of taste and artistry. Her renewed approach to edible art on cookies is nothing short of extraordinary. Each cookie is a masterpiece, meticulously adorned with intricate designs crafted from 3D royal icing.”
    Aurelia C
  • “Marta is an exceptional cookie artist and an outstanding instructor. Her ability to teach a wide range of techniques makes her classes incredible valuable to me”
    Margaux F.
  • “Taking Marta´s classes is like diving into a treasure trove of knowledge, where you will uncover secrets and skill that will revolutionise your cookie decorating game. With Marta as your guide, you will not only learn how to bring cookies to life but also discover a new world of artistic possibilities”
    Petra M
  • “Marta is a Cookie artist extraordinaire, known for her innovative 3D sugar piping techniques that breath life into her creations. Her original methods, never before seen, are a testament to her creativity and ingenuity”
    Susanne P.
  • “Her work is stunning, and she has a very good understanding of pressure piping. The cookie of the little boy is bright, clean and of a first class finish as is most of her cookies. ”
    Sir Eddie Spence MBE, 2016

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