Choosing the Royal Icing at my Sweet World!

Are all Royal Icing recipes the same?

You may have experienced that Royal Icing changes according to the amount of protein used either its pure protein/albumin, or mixed with some starches, sugars, or other products like those existents on Merengue powder.

How do we know what to choose? will we get the same result using pure albumin (dehydrated eggs, fresh or pasteurised eggs) or Merengue powder? Visually it might happen, but when using the royal icing their performance and final results are different.

To give you an idea, Merengue Powder has about 40% to 50% of protein or even less, depending on the brands,  while albumin is pure protein, therefore 100% protein. If we use the same quantity of any of these products and make royal icing using the same amount of sugar for every recipe, of course due to the content of protein these products have, the result can’t be the same.

I do use several recipes of Royal icing  according to the purpose of it.

Recently, I’ve tried as well a few new products, for instance: Eggless Merengue Powder by  Madame Loulou, An eggless product that behaves like a normal Merengue Powder. Don’t be intimidated by it’s yellowish colour,  after adding food colour it’s perfect, even for making white RI.

“A Royal Mix”  by  More Than Cake  is another option that I tried recently.  In Europe we’ve been experienced a certain shortage on Regular Merengue Powder,  this product “A Royal Mix” it’s not a ready to use IcIng mix but a kind of “Merengue Powder” which used according to the instruction on the pack, gives you a beautiful Royal icing.

And finally, I did use a Royal Icing Mix by Saracino  that surprised me a lot since I never use mixes or blends for decorating my cookies. With this, I got as well a Royal Icing similar to those that I make from scratch.

You have several options but let me share with you my Royal icing Recipe, made from scratch with Merengue Powder.